Early Years

2012-2015 Seasons

In the early years, Olli cut his craft in Cadet karting, where he developed his skills of racing, defending, overtaking and winning!

Olli made his debut in the Comer Cadet class and was a quick learning as he took the Southern regional championship in 2012. He would also take part in the British Championship Formula Kart Stars Championship - where he was invited to the Bahamas for a special event, once in a lifetime experience.

He finished the 2013 season seeded 9th in the country in the hugely competitive Super One British Championship, before making the decision early to move up to Junior karting and maximise his development.

2014 saw him move up into the Minimax Championship, where he became the youngest ever pole sitter in the Minimax class at Buckmore Park. Olli was racing people up to 3-4 years older than him this season, but held his own well and made massive strides in his performances, taking regular top ten finishes in national level and competing for podiums in multiple regional championships.

2015 saw Olli move to multiple British Championship winning team KR Sport, winning his first ever Junior Rotax race at Shenington in the Winter Series. Olli competed mainly in the Rotax Euro Challenge in Junior Rotax - where his development was clear to see!
Sadly a farcical final round that resulted in half the field being excluded prevented Olli from finishing where he deserved in the championship - as he was classified 16th overall out of a 60+ European Championship field.

Over the winter, Olli made even greater jumps in his maturity, fitness and preparation - which proved crucial to his 2016 season, as he took on the Rotax Euro Challenge once again.